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Ostrich Farm

Family Effort

Clark Ostrich Farm is a family-run enterprise consisting of three generations of ostrich farmers.  We have spent decades farming and learning about ostriches. Over time, we have achieved a successful ostrich farming operation.  We offer ostrich for sale.

Healthy Red Meat

Ostrich meat is a healthy red meat with a texture similar to the finest beef cuts.  For a health-conscience consumer seeking a lean protein source, it offers a refreshingly delicious alternative to skinless chicken and turkey. Our ostriches are raised on an all-vegitarian diet without any added antibiotics or hormones.

An Industry Reborn

Ostrich farming in the United States was an idea that was simply before it's time in the early 1990's.  The fact is, consumers are now much more engaged and interested in their food and its source.  Consumers are now focused on:  (1) the health aspects of their meats; (2) the animals'  welfare; (3) the source of the product; and (4) the environmental sustainability of the production process. Ostrich farming is a perfect fit for supplying today's consumer.

Ostriches For Sale

Ostrich Pairs For Sale

If you would like to purchase some of Clark Ostrich Farm's premium genetics, we would love to visit with you about the opportunities in the ostrich industry. Shoot us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.  For those new to farming ostriches, we generally only sell older ostriches rather than chicks.  We have found that by doing so the purchaser can learn about the ostriches and their unique characteristics before attempting to incubate, hatch, and raise chicks.  This has provided a much higher success rate for those who are just beginning with ostrich farming.  Please contact us if you would like to purchase some yearling pairs.  Due to rapidly changing market prices, we have suspended the sale of trios and currently only sell yearling pairs.

A Growing Industry

Currently, there is a robust demand for quality ostrich breeding stock because there is a supply shortage of ostriches for processing in relation to the demand for meat products in this country. Begin raising a healthy product to help meet the ever-growing demand for an eco-friendly protein source.  

Ostrich Chicks and Hatching Eggs

Normally, Clark Ostrich Farm sells a very limited number of ostrich chicks and ostrich hatching eggs to experienced ostrich farmers only.  However, due to rapidly changing market prices, we have suspended the sale of any hatching eggs or chicks.   Please contact us if you would like to join the waiting list for yearling pairs.  We raise red-necked, blue-necked, and African black-necked-cross breeding stock.  Our ostriches are specifically bred for size, meat yields, chick survival rates, egg production, and fertility. 


The Farm

Free-Range Ostriches

 At Clark Ostrich Farm, the ostriches are grown in a free-range environment with ample room to run and grow into an elite meat source.  Free-range ostriches live a more natural and happy life on the farm.  We believe this produces a better product in the end.  The grow-out portion of Clark Ostrich Farms encompasses a century-old pecan orchard. This gives the growing birds plenty of free space and cool shade from the Texas summer heat so that they may have as natural an existence as possible in a farming environment. 

Ostriches For Sale

 Clark Ostrich Farm is a commercial ostrich farm.  Ostriches are farmed for their meat, leather, feathers, and oil.  Ostrich farmers looking to increase the size and yields of their production birds should contact us to visit about the benefits of adding some of our prized genetics to their herds.  Ostriches for sale: Blue-necked, Red-necked, and African Black-necked crosses are available.  


At Clark Ostrich Farm, the ostriches are pasture raised and grass fed for an even healthier red meat alternative.  Studies have repeatedly shown that grass-fed animals have a healthier omega fatty acid profile.  By farming ostriches on pasture, the ostriches are raised with attention given to their welfare in a manner that small enclosures simply would not allow.  Humanely farming ostriches in a natural setting is an important aspect of Clark Ostrich Farm's modern farming practices. 

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If you are ever traveling to Colorado Bend State Park, there is a good chance you will see our ostriches roaming in the pasture before you reach the small rural community of Bend, Texas.  Many travelers and park visitors stop to take pictures of our ostriches near the roadway on F.M. 580.  The ostriches have become quite popular on social media and are often the backdrop for "ostrich selfies." 

Clark Ostrich Farm

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Hours and Visitation

Appointment Only. While we would like to be able to show each visitor around the farm, we simply do not have the time to accommodate everyone that stops by and desires a tour. We are an operating farm with many daily chores and tasks to complete. We hope you understand and that you will honor our desire for making an appointment first.  Thank you.